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Dapper's Real Biker Etiquette

Dapper's Real Bikers Etiquette is available
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"Consider this as a necessary guide for beginning motorcycle enthusiasts, fun for even some veteran bikers as well."

Think of this as essential reading for anyone who wants to become a "real" biker.

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All American Run

This was the last All American Run for Nevada. Look for new events happining in Tucson, AZ, my new home.

Thanks to Murphy's Law and some techinical difficulties, there is no photo gallery for this years event. I apologize for that.


Next year in June, Fredda and Russ from Middlegatge Station will be celebrating thier 30th year. Be sure to stop by if you are in the area.

Middlegate Station, NV

Highway 50 & 361
47 Miles East of Fallon, NV

Thanks to everyone who attended this year's event.